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Project partners


Protagon e.V.

Protagon – Friends and Supporters of free Theater Action e.V. organizes large and small cultural events. Such as workshops, educational and social projects for children and adults across all genres and offers training, production and performance rooms as well as residencies for artists. 

The association is committed to ensuring that free artists, groups and
interested people can interact artistically and politically. Its members are encouraged, through awareness and social-engage activities, to offer a platform for research on performing arts in public space and to bring it among diverse audiences.These are the main goals of the Frankfurt association, founded in 1999. 

Protagon is organizing for the last two decades international festivals of performing arts in Hessen-Germany. Such as the first international festival dedicated to giving visibility to the feminist agenda of women in theatre, the “Internationales Frauen* Theaterfestival” or International Womyn Theatre Festival.


Odin Teatret

Since it came into existence in 1964, Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium/Odin Teatret has developed three fields of action: artistic, pedagogic and research. Besides achieving autonomous results, these fields have continuously interacted with each other.
The areas of Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium/Odin Teatret devoted to research are ISTA, The International School of Theatre Anthropology; UET, The University of Eurasian Theatre (established in 1990); CTLS - Centre for Theatre Laboratory Studies; OTA, Odin Teatret Archives. Moreover, a range of projects, initiatives and activities take regularly place: Gender Studies within the Magdalena Project, Transit Festival and The Open Page journal, symposiums and publications on the transmission of embodied techniques and Tacit Knowledge, etc.) in which artistic creation, pedagogic practise and research merge. This fertile and intermediary zone corresponds to what in natural sciences is called applied research. In particular, the Magdalena Project, founded in Wales in 1986, is a dynamic cross-cultural network, providing a platform for women’s performance work, a forum for critical discussion, and a source of support, inspiration and performance training.


Teatro Nucleo

Since its foundation in 1974 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, emigrated in 1977 for political reasons (argentine civic-military putsch) to Europe and then refounded in 1978 in Ferrara, Italy, Teatro Nucleo has dedicated itself to the social aspects of theatre. It is actually a cooperative recognized as a Stable Body by the Emilia-Romagna Region, and as a theatre production company by the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism. Also, by the Comune di Ferrara with which it has a pluriannual contract for cultural and pedagogical programs and the management of Teatro Julio Cortazar, a public theatre that has been renewed since 2004 following a project designed by Teatro Nucleo, to be appropriated for up-to-date contemporary theatre and dance productions.


Teraz Poliz

TERAZ POLIŻ [LICK IT NOW] is the only professional all-female theatre group in Poland. The ensemble was established as an independent group bringing together creative women linked with theatre. Since the very beginning, its artistic endeavours have been centred on women and femininity. The ensemble often turns to topics of exclusion and abuse and regularly engages in actions addressing children and teenagers. It produces and stages theatre performances, happenings, concerts and performative readings open to the public; it runs theatre workshops and discussions.
Since 2015, the group has been engaged in historical research projects aimed at restoring the memory of women who contributed greatly to Poland’s modern-day art and the world’s cultural heritage.

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