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This year, the online festival Bodies:On:Live-Magdalena:On:Line

24-28 JUNE 2021

Sign up for WORKSHOPS, watch PERFORMANCES, follow the ARTIST TALKS and much more...!

Bodies:On:Live–Magdalena:On:Line is the first online Magdalena festival celebrating the work of women in contemporary theatre and performance. It aims to (re)connect women all over the world via the internet, and to ask: What is the way forward? Find all the information on

This festival continues the Magdalena tradition of international festivals that have, for over three decades, brought together women theatre and performance makers in intense, nourishing, physical encounters. In the current global context, Bodies:On: Live offers an online space for the evolution of this tradition, inviting embodied practitioners, those who are experienced in performing online and those new to the field. The programme of engaging and inspiring work will be accessible via the internet to international participants and audience.

What happens to theatre when bodies are distant, when here is also there?

The Bodies:On:Live organising team is composed of world-leading artists, festival directors, academics, technologists and cyberformance experts, who are based in the UK, Hong Kong, Germany, Brazil, Chile, Serbia and Australia.

Team: Elizabeth de Roza, Helen Varley Jamieson, Christina Papagiannouli, Janaina Matter, Karin Ahlstrom, Nur Khairiyah, Suzon Fuks, Zoe Gudović.

See you here and there!

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