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Ana Woolf, from origin to resistance

Ana Woolf is a pedagogue / actress and director / co-founder and artistic director of Magdalena 2a Generación a Latin American Network of Women in Contemporary Arts, linked to the Magdalena Project. In 1999 she moved to Denmark to study with Julia Varley who accepted her as her pupil and directed her in two performances and a work demonstration. Since 1998 She became international collaborator of Odin Teatret working as Eugenio Barbas's assistant director in three international projects and the last performance produced in connection with the commemoration of Odin Teatret's 50th anniversary. Teaching at the ISTA (International School of Theatre Anthropology) directed by E. Barba, she developed a special training based on oriental techniques and Latin American rhythms "The scenic presence of the body/voice". She leads workshops all around the world. Since April 2011 Ana lives in Argentina. She develops her career as a director in different countries: France, Denmark, Italy, Norway, Argentina and Brazil. Actually there are 6 performances running in those countries. Author of many articles reflecting about theatre and women art published in different Theatre Reviews (Cuba, Argentina, Denmark, New Zealand' Italy). She translated into Spanish: Water Stones (Julia Varley); Burning the House (Eugenio Barba); The Blind Horse (Iben Nagel Rasmussen), Traces (Roberta Carreri-revision) and Mirella Schino: Alchimists of the stage among other theatre articles.

"If this is your way, it will be a way. If this is your path, it will be a path. So walk this path with resistance, joy, not forgetting where you come from."

The interview on our YouTube Channel:

Our YouTube Channel has been created to share 7 web-series with statements of invited artists from the Magdalena Project Network. They will speak about feminism, cultural work and the creation of online collaborative platforms for women.

Enjoy watching and share a feedback with us

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