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Women performing Europe

The Magdalena Project across borders

Women Performing Europe – The Magdalena Project Across Borders is a European Eramus+ partnership involving four organisations: Protagon – Freunde und Förderer Freier Theateraktion e.V. from Germany, Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium/Odin Teatret from Denmark, Teatro Nucleo from Italy and Stowarzyszenie Grupa Artystyczna Teraz Poliz from Poland,  with diverse expertise in adults civic education, committed to empowering disadvantaged.

The project aims to support internationally the development of new pedagogical activities and strategies for female artists to be better prepared and trained to ingress in the creative market. This work will be done by sharing clear methodologies for promoting more gender inclusion in the cultural work field. In this context, artistic work emerges as a powerful tool for developing and preventing discrimination against women, especially migrant’s women.

The activities are taking place within the context of cultural events, festivals, or meetings. Women have the responsibility of proposing new ways of being in the world, based on diversity of opinion, culture and civic education. Therefore the project is designed to encourage women to position themselves in the face of social conflicts, extremist nationalism, pandemics, discrimination and racism.

Four transnational meetings and training activities will be organised in the frame of the project, as well as research, discussions, and documentation with statements of invited artists from The Magdalena Project Network guided by the intersectional feminist perspective which aims to invest in how aspects of one's social and political identities (gender, race, class, sexuality, ability, etc.) might combine to create specific modes of discrimination.

The Magdalena Project

The Magdalena Project is a dynamic cross-cultural network of women’s theatre and performance, facilitating critical discussion, support and training. It is a nexus for diverse performance groups and individuals whose common interest lies in a commitment to ensuring the visibility of women’s artistic endeavour.
The branches of the Magdalena Project extend far and wide: over international borders and across generations. Groups meet in real time and place as well as online to share, engender and promulgate work and ideas. Largely surviving on the goodwill of its members and sponsors, it is a testimony to what we can achieve together in spirit of community and unity.

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