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Elizabeth de Roza, after 25 years of storytelling

In this video, Elizabeth answers questions for us such as:

-Why did you decide to work with theatre?

-What is your message to future generations?

Elizabeth de Roza ( is an artist-scholar, performance maker and theatre director. She has been making performances for more than 20 years and collaborated on many international performance projects and presented them at various prestigious contemporary theatre festivals in South America, Europe, UK, Asia. Most recently, together with 6 other women she co-organised the first Magdalena online festival, Bodies:On:Live -Magdalena:On:Line (June 24th to 27th June 2021) . She is currently the Head of Performing Arts Research and Postgraduate studies Co-ordinator at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.

"Theatre will always go on, in whatever form it will be. Keep on doing. Keep on adding, keep on adding."

The interview on our YouTube Channel:

Our YouTube Channel has been created to share 7 web-series with statements of invited artists from the Magdalena Project Network. They will speak about feminism, cultural work and the creation of online collaborative platforms for women.

Enjoy watching and share a feedback with us!

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